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                Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

                Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (“Broad Homes”) is the first company in China’s prefabricated housing industry to entirely use whole-process information system for PC production. We are also the first company to have intellectual property rights of technology system for the entire industry chain, providing a globalized, mass-scale, professional and intelligent manufacture of prefabricated building and service.

                Back in 1996, the founder and chairman of Broad Mr. Zhang Jian and his management team entered the field of building industrialization. After more than 20 years of development, as the pioneer and leader of China's building industrialization, Broad Homes developed 8 generations of prefabricated building product system,the country's?leading?information?systems, the accumulated experiences of more than 200 million square meters of building industrialization projects and the strategic factory layout covering China. As of June 2020, we have 15 wholly-owned PC factories and 88 joint PC factories signed by us. From products supply, technical services to standards co-construction, we have provided more than 300 Housing enterprises with integrated prefabricated building solutions; It has established a stable and long-term symbiotic development relationship with the top 10 real estate developers and 9 of the top 10 construction enterprises. For three consecutive years, Broad Homes has been the first choice brand in the prefabricated?building industry, which is deeply trusted by the market and customers.

                We are one of the first companies listed as "National Housing Industrialization Base" and the only prefabricated building company in the industry selected by MIIT(the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China)’s“2018 Pilot Demonstration for Intelligent manufacturing”.?Relying on the first-class manufacturing capacity of PC units, the industry 's first prefabricated building BIM forward design software PC Maker I, and the PC-CPS intelligent manufacturing management system for mass?customized production according to the huge market demand. Broad Homes Gets through every step of the whole industrial chain of design, manufacture, construction and operation, and become the industrial standard entry and intelligent service platform.

                In order to better comply with and serve the National Rural Revitalization strategic planning, We established a wholly-owned subsidiary Broad Mod Tech in 2020, launched a new modular building product "Box Modul" series at the right time, breaking through the time and land restrictions, aiming at the pain and itch points of operators and investors in the cultural and tourism industry, bringing disruptive product innovation and guidance to the market.

                By providing more green and energy-saving, higher efficiency, more cost-effective modular building product technology system R&D and manufacturing services, subvert the definition of future living space, and realize industrial innovation. With continuous digitalization and intelligent upgrading, Broad Mod Tech is committed to the modernization of building technology innovation and industrial development, helping beautiful countryside, enabling the development of rural tourism, and serving the new prospect of urban-rural integration.

                Young Hopefuls, Young Future


                SINCE 1988
                19      88

                Patented technologies of Broad Thermal Research Institute created

                19      90

                R&D of direct-fired machine succeeded

                19      92

                Broad Air Conditioningestablished

                19      96

                World No. 1 in non-electric air conditioner

                Establishment of Broad Beltecno. starts construction industrialization

                19      98

                R&D of 1st generation prefabricated building

                19      99

                R&D of 1stgeneration prefabricated building succeeded

                Completion of integrated building in the headquarters park

                20      02

                2nd generation technology

                20      05

                Launch of 3rd generation technology

                20      06

                Broad Homes founded

                20      07

                Awarded as “National Housing Industrialization Base”

                20      08

                4th generation technology

                20      13

                Won Jinrui science and technology award issued by the Award Committee

                20      14

                5th generation technology

                20      15

                6th generation technology and experience of over 1000 projects

                We have implemented Broad Coalition strategy to expand ournational network and overseas networks

                20      16

                we were awarded the "International Carbon Gold Sub-Award -- Ecological Practice Award" by the World Economic and Environmental Conference.

                20      17

                We have been designated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as one of the “Industrial Base of China’s Prefabricated Buildings”

                20      18

                we won the "Preferred Brand" of prefabricated construction in the selection of China's top 500 real estate development enterprises held by China real estate association and China real estate evaluation center.

                selected by MIIT's“2018 Demonstration for Intelligent manufacturing” for prefabricated building company

                We have our fully-owned factories and JV factories set up in over 100 cities throughout China

                Release the industry 's first prefabricated building BIM forward design software PC Maker I

                20      19

                Initial public offering on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

                Launching Modular Building, and Transforming B2B+B2C.

                20      22

                2020-2022 Actively explore green low-carbon industrial building products that meet the needs of urban and rural areas

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